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helping hands for executors 

we take on the tasks that come with serving as executor so that you grieve your loss free from burdensome work

Getting you organized

doing it for you

Gaining Peace of Mind

After losing a loved one

you have a lot

to do.  

But, what should you even be doing?

And do you have time to do it?

And do you want to do it?

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After a loss, Sunny will sit down with surviving family members to learn how we can help. 


We put together a plan of everything that needs to be done to close out your loved one's life.


Let us do this for you.  We can serve as a legal agent for the family to complete the tasks within your custom plan.

How we help

From our customers

I was so grateful for the help of Sunny Care Services.  My husband had paid our household bills for most of our marriage and after his passing, it was a daunting task to know where to start and how to get myself organized. Sunny Care Services helped me get the accounts switched over to my name and create a system for me to use on a monthly basis. In my grief, Sunny Care Services helped me feel like I was able to learn a new normal.

-Kathy C. 

I needed to get back to work and had two kids that required my attention after my wife's passing. Sunny Care Services was able to advise me on the actions I should take to close out my wife's accounts and was able to take on some of the tasks I didn't have time to address such as notifying credit institutions, closing out my wife's retirement account, and memorializing social media accounts. Without Sunny Care Services' help, I'm not sure when I would have ever gotten to these tasks.

-Steve S.