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how we can help

Individuals and FAmilies 

Below are examples of tasks that apply to most families, however we understand that each family has different needs and we customize our plans to meet each unique individual's circumstances.

Our plan can Include:

– Determine care for dependents
– Determine care of pets
– Forward mail to new address
– Clean out house and determine what to do with assets
– Put valuables (cash, jewelry, collectible items) in a safe place.
– Notify Landlord, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, or Other Rental
– Cancel/remove name from other household services (lawn care, cleaning, cable/internet, etc.)
– Stop all deliveries of unneeded newspapers, home care services (such
as meal delivery or nursing services)
– Cancel/remove name from subscriptions

– Cancel any appointments for doctors, dentists, etc
– Cancel prescriptions

– Cancel/remove name from credit cards
– Cancel student loans
– File taxes for deceased
– Locate a financial advisor to assist with more complex financial
accounts, Roth IRA, stocks, bonds, etc.
– Locate an estate attorney if estate is complex enough or there is a

– Cancel/remove name from household utilities
– Cancel/remove name from cell phone


– Cancel or transfer retirement accounts
– File for Social Security survivor benefits
– File for life insurance
– File accident insurance, health, or disability insurance )

– Close out any social media accounts, emails (create away message, redirecting.. )

– Notify voter registrar and DMV
– Search for unclaimed property

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We offer a free 1 hour consultation for families considering our services.