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Our Process

We can start working your family moments or weeks after a loved one's passing.  Once you contact Sunny Care Services, we begin the process of understanding your situation and how we can bring the most value to your family.  Below is an overview of the steps we follow when working with a family.  

Step 1: 

Information Intake 

In order to best serve your family, we need to get some information about your family and specifically your lost loved one.  We can do a face-to-face meeting or if you prefer, we can get some information from you through our online intake process. Schedule your first call today

Step 2: 

Creating a plan 

After the intake session, we do independent research and reach out to relevant resources to create a comprehensive plan for your family.  In this plan, we can create step-by-step instructions of what is needed to be done now that your loved one is no longer with you. We send the plan and review it with a representative family member to ensure there are no questions or confusion.     

Step 3: 

Let us do this for you 

During the plan review meeting, the family can choose to complete the plan on their own or outsource back to Sunny Care Services for us to complete.  If we complete the plan for you, we will keep you in the loop along the way. We provide you with weekly updates and ensure you are comfortable before moving forward with each step.  We report out progress and collect documentation for your records.  


We offer a free 1 hour consultation for families considering our services.